Defining Career Paths for Students

Where to go What to do!

Most children have dreams and fantasy’s of being one type of grown up or another, whether it be a fireman, doctor, nurse, sailor or an astronaut.
Some children have bigger dreams and ambitions than others, the most important thing to take away from this is that there is desire and perseverance.
As we get older our view of the world is formed out of experiences and our perceptions and feelings about who we are and how we want to be viewed by others tends to shape us.
The other great aspect of growing up is we find out what we are good at and what we are passionate about. Our minds begin to mature and develop giving rise to a greater sense of who we are and our potentials. Some people are good at math while others excel in the arts.
Personal developement
These divisions in academics steer us towards the vocations our minds are naturally geared. It is not reasonable for a person with amazing talents in chemistry and physics to persue a career in oil painting, and vise versa. Individuals should be passionate and generally happy about the career paths they choose. Spending decades doing something you don’t like can lead to resentment and a disappointing outlook on life. Mind you, many people have multiple career changes in their working lives.
Most importantly if one wishes to be successful in any career, certain characteristics need to be prevalent: a passion for the field or what it represents, a natural affinity for he knowledge needed for that niche, a strong desire to succeed, a strong desire to help humanity or nature in that field, a strong desire of self improvement within the field.
In 2018 there is an amazing array of vocations to persue. There are thousands of science, medical, computer, building trades, service industry, finance, political fields to choose from.
The list is almost endless. Having a role model in your field of choice provides a baseline for how you see yourself performing in the career role. One of my favorite role models is one of the best Surrey Chiropractors that has excelled in his field to the point where he has a very successful practice today. Dr. Caulfield has amassed a large clientele and is like a role model to not only me as a professional but to his patients a model human being. This is how success is defined.
Whatever path you choose, having an end vision in place of what kind of human you will turn into is paramount to how you approach and execute your chosen craft.
It is paramount to have a never quit attitude with end goals firmly planted internally.
Search your heart, dreams and google to help this with your life altering decision. Good Luck!