Defining Career Paths for Students

Where to go What to do!

Most children have dreams and fantasy’s of being one type of grown up or another, whether it be a fireman, doctor, nurse, sailor or an astronaut.
Some children have bigger dreams and ambitions than others, the most important thing to take away from this is that there is desire and perseverance.
As we get older our view of the world is formed out of experiences and our perceptions and feelings about who we are and how we want to be viewed by others tends to shape us.
The other great aspect of growing up is we find out what we are good at and what we are passionate about. Our minds begin to mature and develop giving rise to a greater sense of who we are and our potentials. Some people are good at math while others excel in the arts.
Personal developement
These divisions in academics steer us towards the vocations our minds are naturally geared. It is not reasonable for a person with amazing talents in chemistry and physics to persue a career in oil painting, and vise versa. Individuals should be passionate and generally happy about the career paths they choose. Spending decades doing something you don’t like can lead to resentment and a disappointing outlook on life. Mind you, many people have multiple career changes in their working lives.
Most importantly if one wishes to be successful in any career, certain characteristics need to be prevalent: a passion for the field or what it represents, a natural affinity for he knowledge needed for that niche, a strong desire to succeed, a strong desire to help humanity or nature in that field, a strong desire of self improvement within the field.
In 2018 there is an amazing array of vocations to persue. There are thousands of science, medical, computer, building trades, service industry, finance, political fields to choose from.
The list is almost endless. Having a role model in your field of choice provides a baseline for how you see yourself performing in the career role. One of my favorite role models is one of the best Surrey Chiropractors that has excelled in his field to the point where he has a very successful practice today. Dr. Caulfield has amassed a large clientele and is like a role model to not only me as a professional but to his patients a model human being. This is how success is defined.
Whatever path you choose, having an end vision in place of what kind of human you will turn into is paramount to how you approach and execute your chosen craft.
It is paramount to have a never quit attitude with end goals firmly planted internally.
Search your heart, dreams and google to help this with your life altering decision. Good Luck!

Revolutionizing the way Students Define their Life Potential

The 21st century is set to provide challenges that are going to rise on an almost exponential scale for the new youth that will inherit the planet.

Faced with these insurmountable problems, adults are faced with how they are going to infuse their values, morals, attitudes, and actions into the fabric of humanity and the health and welfare of the planet.



A Guide To Defining Life’s Potential

Life is the most precious thing one could have. Nothing could be as important as using the limited time and energy you have on earth to engage in the things you enjoy and love. If you find yourself lost somewhere between your life challenges, job, and family obligations, it is the high time you reacted. Your life could have a deeper meaning when you are aware of what you were meant to achieve and be. Defining your life’s potential is the best way to go and the sooner you define your potential, the more positive the outcome will be for you. In most cases, the definition of your life’s purpose is usually a process that you must execute in stages. Well, let’s look at what goes into defining life’s potential.


When defining life’s potential, it is important that you start with passion. Think of passion as some of the things that you enjoy most about life and those which you have boundless energy for. What are the things which you will never get sick of doing? When you’re passionate about something, it becomes part of you, your life-blood, and what makes you yearn for every single day. Look at your passion as one of the greatest emotions that come from your inner being. By doing the things you like most, you will be serving yourself as well as others in the best way possible.


Have you ever had a moment to yourself and asked: “What is the reason I am in this world?” Your response to this will be of great importance since it serves as a bedrock for all activities you will undertake for as long as you live. Your purpose should be your compass in life, your personal WHY factor. And this will guide all your activities, give meaning to the life you’re living, and cure all your dissatisfaction and boredom. Your purpose is what drives, inspires, and motivates you. Once you have discovered your true passions, you will begin to align them with a deeper meaning in your life. If passions are from the heart, the purpose will connect with your mind and soul. Your purpose statement is an articulation of everything you do and your reason for serving a higher purpose.

Write Your Own Story


Often referred to as a personal mission statement, your mission is what drives you to achieve your purpose. Your personal mission statement should be practical and rooted in the present. Anytime you sit back and wonder “How should I act today?” or “What must I do today?” you can always turn to your mission for some guidance. It explains what you need to do on a daily basis so as to follow your purpose as well as make your vision a reality. Simply put, your mission is a direct path to your vision and purpose.


Since your mission should be practical and oriented to the present, your vision describes where you would like to be in some distant future. Your vision could be compared to your destination. Your ultimate goal, the results you seek to achieve or the impact you would like to make once you get to your destination is what your vision should encompass.